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Localised Marketing

The original social networks grew up around bricks and mortar stores in town centres. Shopkeepers built relationships with customers, getting to know their tastes and using feedback to suggest new products.

Even today, some 90% of consumers take local factors into account when making purchasing decisions, yet most brands spend less than 20% of their marketing budget on local activities and initiatives.
How can you beat your competitors? Think global, act local.

Increase the context of your marketing by localising specific elements. Combining a physical media strategy along with your online social media activities enables you to reach customers in all networks, both on and offline.

  • Online templates offering local customisation while ensuring central control
  • Campaigns focusing on local markets
  • Fast, low-cost market launches with unlimited local programme variants
  • Enables brands to engage with communities
  • Supports reseller/franchise networks
  • Increase campaign results through fast responses to improved data
  • Track activities through campaign dashboard analytics and reports
  • Engage local staff more effectively with custom support materials
  • Target direct mail with localisation tools

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