Introducing motion cutting technology…

Motion cutting technology is officially the coolest way to put your company’s name, logo, designs and messaging on packaging, direct mail and other marketing materials.

This unique and fascinating process, adopted by just a handful of organisations, uses up-to-the-minute laser cutting technology to cut your desired design into (or onto) a range of materials.Sheets printed with your chosen design are sent through a conveyor belt system and a mirror laser positioned above reads the sheet, releases the laser and cuts the design. Not only does this get a faultless result, it also looks extremely cool.

The precision of the laser allows for a variety of different types of cut and finish, cutting out of materials up to 15mm thick. The types of cut it’s capable of are as follows:

Standard cut – The simple cuts, usually on paper and card, can be diverse, from a simple logo to technical cuts filigree ornaments, and everything in between. Lines can be cut perfectly, so your design is replicated flawlessly.

Kiss cut – A kiss cut is perfect for stickers and adhesives. With this cut, the laser only cuts the first layer of the adhesive and leaves the backing paper intact.

Engraving –  Engraving is perfect if you want to get your message onto thicker or tougher material, but can be just as special on paper. The laser is able to remove print and other coatings on the materials, to leave a stunning image or message engraved into it. The finish is both delicate and clear. The engraving feature can be used to create decorative carvings on coloured materials, including leather-bound books and diaries, or for etching engravings onto tickets and other documents.

Finishing – Alongside these specific types of cut, the engraving ability of the motion cutter is also able to crease and perforate your stock as part of the process. The creases and perforations are made whilst maintaining the integrity of the print. The length of the cut, gap and other details can be specified, to allow you to cut packaging, vouchers and coupons alike.

Name cutting – The motion cutter is able to cut names to personalise products as well, to give that added touch. This personalisation will really resonate with your customers and give a more exclusive impression of your company.

Why not use the laser motion cutter for your Marketing Materials? With the intricate cutting technique, you can be as creative as you want with your design – and let the cutter do the hard work!

Advice on best practices for setting up artwork for the Motioncutter, is available here.