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Precision has been producing large format products for years and has a huge amount of experience with POS and large format.

We provide dynamic POS and retail promotions, high-quality print in both large and small volumes, and have all your logistical requirements under one roof.

But it doesn’t end there. Precision is your one-stop shop, covering all your small format essentials as well.

We’re on hand to help with your all your exhibiting needs. If it’s exposure you’re after we know just the products for you. Come rain or shine, your message will always stand out with the help of Precision.

Whether you are designer, retailer or just want to get your message out there, let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to advise you on the most suitable products, at great prices!

The Art of Business Cards

In a world where new marketing options are presented to us every day, one of the biggest challenges faced by marketing professionals is what to choose and what to leave as white noise.

Through thick and thin, the humble business card has remained strong and ever-present. With over 90,000 searches a month for ‘business cards’, it looks as though they’re not only here to stay, but also are more popular than ever.

With a lot going on for this humble hero, we thought we’d take the time to appreciate the business card and why it works so well – and give you advice on designing your own.

Why do business cards work?
At a humble 85-90mm x 55mm, business cards pack quite the punch. But why? Here are some points to consider:

They give the first impression of your brand
If you meet someone for the first time and exchange business cards, it’s the first time your new contact sees an example of your brand. This means quality, design and overall appearance are extremely important. See below for advice on how to design a business card that gives the best impression.

They are, literally, pocket-sized
This means two very important things. Firstly, you can always have one with you, to hand when you need it. And secondly, anyone who you give one to can pop it in their pocket, wallet or purse without any inconvenience.

They keep things personal
Face-to-face networking is a very personal process, and exchanging business cards is a very personal way to exchange information. Business cards help make real business connections.

They maintain traditional business etiquette
Although younger generations may be less familiar with the traditional process of exchanging business cards, it is still a very well-established form of networking that many people still view as a viable method of business acquisition. With business cards to hand, you can make connections with people of all ages.

Extra-special business cards get shared
Taking the time to get brilliant business cards designed and printed could gain you coverage online, too. People share clever or special businesses cards simply for the appreciation of what they are. Check out this example at Bored Panda and this at Paste Magazine.

Designing a memorable business card
So how do you do you design a memorable business card that contacts will keep and remember, whilst giving a good impression of your brand? We’ve created a list of tips on how to get this essential marketing material right:

  1. The simpler the better. Anything over-complicated will distract the reader, or influence the readability of the card altogether.
  2. Make use of the white space. The blank space on the card is just as important as the text that’s on it. Strip back as many words and as much decoration as possible to really make an impact.
  3. Think about your market. As with any form of marketing, you need to consider who will be reading your business card. If you have a young, party supplies business, your business cards would have a different audience to those working in B2B engineering, for example.
  4. List the key information you want to include – we recommend company name, web address, your name, email address and phone number.
  5. Invest in the best thickness you can afford. Thicker business cards tend to be more hard-wearing, so will stand the test time. If you can push for a thicker gsm or finish, try a Luxe Business Card.
  6. Add extra stopping power to your cards with Scodix print enhancement. Create eye-catching textures that really bring the printed world to life.
  7. Business Cards don’t have to be dull… Incorporate laser cutting into your design and create something truly unique that’s sure to be talked about.

Precision Printing are always on hand to help create unique and memorable marketing materials. If you would like to know more, contact our team today.

Precision adds second eight colour RMGT LED as it plans move down river


Precision Printing is on course to move to a new 5,000m2 factory on the Thames Gateway site, just two miles from its 3,500m2 factory in Barking.

Before the move the company will install an eight-colour RMGT9 series SRA1 LED UV sheetfed press at the new site. This will provide continuity as other machinery is moved across, leaving it with two of the long perfecting presses once the move is completed in time for the seasonal rush for single-copy photo products.

Precision managing director Gary Peeling explains that the double-height plant provides scope for future expansion. “We could put in a mezzanine floor if we need it. We had 18,000sq ft in 2005, doubled that to 36,000sq ft five years ago and now are moving to 52,000sq ft. We need a further 18,000sq ft every five years,” he says.

The additional floor space will help the company’s CMC based Robopack option for wrapping and mailing sample packs of a product as part of a direct mail campaign. Five trucker loading bays provide access for larger loads arriving at or being shipped from the factory. “And it still provides a location that is only 30 minutes from central London. We can offer a same day service,” he continues.

The experience with the Japanese LED UV technology to date has been very successful, Peeling explains, underpinning its ability to handle this kind of fast turnaround work on uncoated stocks. The RMGT presses replaced Heidelberg B2 machines following a conversation that Peeling had with Australian user CMYKHub owner Trent Nankervis at DScoop, the convention for HP Indigo users.

Says Peeling: “This is what happens when you go out and meet people. There is nothing better than an unsolicited recommendation and he says that dollar for dollar the press was just amazing. If it wasn’t for that recommendation I would not have given the technology as much credence as I did.

“It has revitalised the litho side of the business. It gives us the immediacy and simplicity of operation that we get from digital.” Precision has no plans to add to its fleet of HP Indigo presses, he adds.

The move to the new premises is scheduled to start in August taking until September to complete. Precision will have DST Output and DG3 as near neighbours in an emerging print cluster along the A13 east of London.

Article originally appeared in Print Business, 9th April 2016.