15 Ways To Increase Print Sales

posted by Precision | 30th Aug 2016

What is the quickest way to increase your print sales? The answer is simple: focus on your existing customers. Many people believe that if you want more business, you have to attract more customers. So here are some figures that prove that the opposite is true:37212-O1914F-01

“Statistically speaking, the cost of acquiring a new customer costs five to ten times more than retaining an existing one. Not only that, but repeat customers spend, on average, 67% more.”Mike Johnston The Chartered Institute of Marketing

So, how do you get more business from your current clients? One of the easiest ways to increase your existing business is to focus on the upsell. Offer your customer something more than they asked for. You may be surprised at how often they take you up on the offer.

Naturally, it is not always easy to think of the right upsell when you are trying to work through a long list of print quotes! To help, Precision Printing has put together a handy list of upsells for you.

Here are 15 suggestions on how you can upsell a customer and increase print sales for your brand:

1. Offer a bigger size
Brochures and leaflets always stand out more if they are bigger. Many customers believe that they are restricted to the standard A sizes. It is up to you to inspire them and show them the different options.

2. Suggest a smaller size
Smaller doesn’t have to mean cheaper! Being small can be just as an effective way for your customers to stand out from the crowd. Precision offers an optimiser range of leaflets that are slightly smaller than standard sizes. These are offered at a more competitive price — but this doesn’t mean that you have to sell them at a cheaper price. They can be a great way to increase your margins, while still getting extra interest for your customers.

3. Price up some extra pages
Some customers think that turning a 4pp brochure into an 8pp brochure doubles the cost. They might be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective it can be to add more pages to their leaflet or brochure. They will be able to show more products or services to their prospects and you will be able to charge more in design fees.

4. Quote a heavier paper
A heavier paper is a simple way to make a brochure or leaflet feel more luxurious. It gives a better perceived quality to your customer’s brand. For bigger items, it also makes them appear as if they contain more pages.

5. Inspire customers with an extra cover finish
Many people don’t know the sheer variety of print finishes that are available these days. Adding the pricing for some new options often starts some very profitable conversations. You’ll be able to charge for more print and your customers will have more people picking up their brochures, improving the perceived quality of their brand.

6. Upgrade from softback to hardback
This is a very suitable upsell for customers who are selling more expensive products. People have a very different sense of the worth of a product if they are handed a book about it, rather than a brochure. Again, many people buying brochures do not realise that a case bound option is easy to achieve.

7. Suggest a mailer to send with book/brochure
Is one of your customers planning to send out their brochure to prospects or customers? Make sure that they have an eye-catching mailer to go with it. A postcard or a notecard is much more eye-catching than the standard letter that is sent out.

8. Offer a second side to a roller banner
Many customers do not realise that you can purchase a double-sided roller banner. This effectively doubles the amount of eyeballs that their roller banner will receive.

9. Propose a higher quality banner stand
Many people purchase a roller banner for the long-term but they do not think about whether it will stand up to frequent use. Offer them a premium quality option: they may find it far better suited to their needs.

10. Recommend a roller banner to accompany an exhibition stand
Consider offering roller banners, even if your customer does not ask for one! If a client is ordering an exhibition stand, they may well find a roller banner useful. It will increase the presence of the stand and allow them to promote a particular product or service. You could even suggest a roller banner if someone is simply ordering leaflets or brochures.

11. Put forward marketing collateral for an exhibition stand
If someone is looking at an exhibition stand, make sure they are fully prepared. They need to give visitors information that can be taken away. It is important that they have a suitable range of brochures, leaflets, postcards and business cards. If they are ordering this sort of collateral, they should also consider leaflet dispensers.

12. Offer a different size of business card
People are used to a standard-sized business card. Why not suggest a square business card, a larger-sized business card or a business card with rounded corners? All of these options will help make a first impression more memorable.

13. Suggest a different finish for a business card
Size is not the only way to make a first impression more memorable. There are also a range of finishes that will make a business card stand out more. Make sure your clients are aware of matt, gloss and soft touch lamination, as well as Scodix finishing for an embossed effect.

14. Price up more copies
Always make sure that a customer is aware how economical it is to buy more items. One way to show this is by quoting a unit price as well as the total price.

15. Upsell to a premium delivery
Often customers may want more than an overnight delivery. They may need something in a hurry or they may not trust an overnight delivery to take the time to get through event security. A dedicated vehicle can be highly useful in providing peace of mind for urgent jobs.

How do upsells create more profit?
Naturally, more turnover equals more profit but upsells should also increase your profit margins. If customers are comparing prices, they usually do this on the standard specification that they have asked for. You should always price an upsell at a higher margin – this is the part of the job that is unlikely to be price checked!

Remember to give a reason for the upsell
Most people like a logical reason to purchase. So make sure you tell why they should upgrade their product. We’ve included a potential business reason for all the suggestion above.

Check your success
You will also soon be able to see what your most effective upsells are. Then you’ll be well on the way to ensuring that your customers are the ones that spend 67% more than a new customer. And that means you’ll be able to spend a lot less time searching for new business!