Gary Peeling

The 3 C’s of the Modern Print Business

posted by Gary Peeling | 5th Nov 2014

If you are going to ride the next wave of growth, you have to get your feet wet and grab a board.


The three C’s

Cloud, Crowd Sourced and Collaboration

I started in the print business in the 1980’s. Then I couldn’t have cared less about what was going on globally, things were simple: pick up the phone, create the estimate, win the order and deliver it, those were the only skills required.

My competitors? I ignored and equipment manufactures simply sold you stuff, both were treated with suspicion in equal measures.

But now things have changed. The level of business skill required to keep a printing business growing and profitable is much higher, and the need for a detailed strategy so much more important.

I have been surprised to find that both the acquisition of these skills and an effective network to expand my business globally have come from companies like HP, and even more surprising collaborating with other printers.

Mega trends like Cloud, will drive collaboration and crowd sourcing even faster.

My business is no longer limited by my abilities or geography; it is simply limited by my willingness to connect.

Dscoop allows me to prepare for the future and it’s bright.

Be honest, just how much time do you spend on strategy in your business?

When was the last time you spent anytime working on big ideas?

How many international contacts have you made this year?

If like me, it’s not nearly enough, events like the Grandmaster summit provide that valuable opportunity.

Half way through the year is the time to do just that.

Work on big ideas, think and collaborate; you will leave with more than you bring.

Two things will secure the future of your business and the digital print industry:

  1. Business skills
  2. Global Network