Five reasons to offer print services as a part of your agency

posted by Precision | 14th Jun 2016


As the marketing world becomes increasingly focussed on all things digital, you could be forgiven for thinking that print marketing is on the way out.

Clients are becoming savvier about how to get their brand out into the world, and rely heavily on having a top-notch website and a good SEO campaign, bumped up by social media promotions. These days, traditional print marketing can be seen as the more expensive, less effective option.

Here at Precision, we completely disagree that there’s no place in the marketing world for print services, so we’ve provided a list of reasons why agencies should add print services to their arsenal…

  1. You become a full-service agency
    If you’re a digital agency that develops into offering print, you transform the nature of your organisation into an all-in-one marketing agency. It’s likely that your existing team already have the skills you need: managing client relationships, designing attractive, brand-focussed artwork and having an overall knowledge of the principles of marketing. You can create three-dimensional campaigns, which work to reach a variety of both print and digital audiences with the same ideas.
  1. It gives you a deeper relationship with your clients
    Agencies which offer print services are seen as the marketing arm of the business – not just a digital service provider. You become part of their overall marketing and communications strategy, helping to give your input into their overall business strategy. Plus, if your clients can get both digital and print services from you, they won’t be encouraged to search for other providers.
  1. Your agency will make more profit from handling the project
    Although print services may take up more of your time, in turn, you will be billing for more time; benefitting your company overall. You will be entitled to a handling charge when managing print jobs, to cover the time your agency will spend liaising with the printer.
  1. Your designers will have a greater selection of design tasks.

An added perk for creative is that you can keep things interesting for them, and provide them with new challenges and tasks to approach – in exchange, they get a varied portfolio. Print services add a wide range of marketing materials that will need to be designed – including flyers, brochures, displays and specialist books – and will give your designers a more varied working day. You’ll also be able to charge for more design hours, which will generate more income.

  1. Providing print services is much simpler than you might think.

If you’ve got the design skills in-house, the rest of the printing process can be managed by finding the right printing partner. The right provider will do everything for you, and make the ordering and delivery hassle-free. There are now instant online ordering packages, and price-by-product ordering, to keep everything clearer when you’re pricing for your client. So once you’ve got the design, the rest should be easy.

We hope we’ve helped you to appreciate the substantial benefits of either keeping your print services, or extending your services out to include print. Our printing services offer a range of digital printing, including marketing materials and exhibition stands and event displays. For more information on our services, or to see how we’d make the perfect printing partner, contact our team.