#BBDPA – Cause An Effect – How The Book Was Made

posted by Precision | 27th Nov 2015

Cause an effect by bringing the printed world to beautiful, tactile and sensuous life with the power of Scodix and Mobiliser.

Precision Printing understand that pitch documents, look books and coffee table brochures are designed to impress. That’s why we pride ourselves on book printing services, as evident with our latest endeavor — creating this year’s stunning book.

Every one of us receives tactile information about the world around us every second of the day. In fact, you’re doing so right now by holding this book. Through applying some of our breathtaking processes to print, engagement can increase up to 92%.

To make this year’s book stand out from the crowd we really needed to go all out. So for the first year ever we decided to casebound the books at the same time as throwing in a few additional effects.

The beautiful cover was designed by thePAGEDESIGN and with the help of Precision’s award-winning software, Precision OneFlow we were able to automate and streamline the print production process for this year’s books in order to meet BBD&PA’s request for variable copies.

The result: 5 bold eye-catching covers, laminated with an anti-scratch laminate and emphasised with metallic silver foil & scodixing, all presented in a luxury casebound cover.

We did not want to just end it all there so we added Mobiliser Precision’s image recognition software which allows you to be transported to a digital hub full of content created especially for the BBD&PA!

Inside, you’ll find a selection of videos showcasing this year’s winners and a glimpse of this spectacular book in production.

This year’s British Book Design and Production Awards book is sure to make an impact. To see exactly how this book was made simply scan the Mobiliser app and keep the conversation flowing across print and social media. Get in touch if you’d like to talk about our book printing services.