What do you do if your competitors are offering print products that you don’t?

posted by Precision | 12th Sep 2016


More and more specialised print products are coming to the market these days. It’s important to be able to offer a full range of these products to your clients. After all, they expect you to be able to provide everything they need. If you can’t, they will start looking elsewhere. The chances are that they won’t just order one particular product elsewhere; they will move the entire account and you’ll be left with a large sales gap to fill.

You should also remember that having the right product range is not just about making sure you offer everything that your current clients might need. It is also about upselling existing accounts with new products.

Finally, new and unusual print products are one of the most successful ways to win business from new customers. They may not end up purchasing the unusual products but it is these items that start conversations and open new doors. The danger is that your competitors may be using unusual products as a way to start conversations with your clients.

If you want the widest product range, you need to look at the right outsourcing partner
Remember, that not all outsourcing partners are equal. Some like to focus on standard items. They have built their business on being very efficient at manufacturing leaflets, business cards and similar items. They don’t particularly want to offer non-standard items. It makes it more difficult for them to achieve the profits that they are trying to create.

To produce a wide range of products such as selfie frames, case bound books, roller banners and leaflet dispensers requires a variety of equipment. Not all outsourcing companies have the right machines to produce everything your more demanding customers require. Even fewer trade printing companies have the right size and workflow to be able to produce these items quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

But it’s not just about being able to produce items efficiently.

A good print partner is continuously developing new products
This allows you to go to your prospects and clients with a constant source of inspiration and ideas. Your customers will value you as much more than a simple commodity print supplier. They are more likely to see you as a key partner to their business success.

This means you have a much better chance of keeping out the competition. You are also more likely to sell your print at a higher profit. You will have a regular stream of new products to suggest to your clients.

Let’s look at how the right product can make a compelling sales offering
Precision offer a range of optimised leaflet sizes. These are slightly smaller than the traditional A sizes but they are much more competitive to manufacture. Offering these can help you in a number of ways.

Firstly, these leaflets can only be manufactured cost-effectively by using a special size of paper. Most printing companies do not hold these sizes in stock, so if your client wants this style of leaflet you do not have the threat of other printing companies claiming that they can offer the same product.

Next, you will also find that few companies will think of offering these leaflet sizes as a solution. So your client will see you as a more creative supplier than other print resellers.

Finally, you can offer these leaflets at a cheaper price to your customers than standard size leaflets. However, at the same time you can increase your profit margin. Because so few people are able to offer these leaflet sizes, you are unlikely to find competitors undercutting you on price. In fact, you might even be able to sell an unusual leaflet size at a higher price than the standard size!

It’s time to take action on selling unusual print products

  • Make sure that you promote different products to your prospects and customers. You can do this through blog posts (as we do below). You can also do this through e-mail campaigns, direct mail campaigns and using your e-mail signature.
  • Make sure that your clients also see plenty of samples. Create sample packs for them so that they have something to hold. Presenting samples is also a fantastic reason to suggest having a meeting with buyers.
  • Finally, ask your customers what they would like you to develop. The right print partner will be happy to discuss developing new products for you.

If you take these three steps, you will soon find that it is you who is offering print products that your competitors can’t.