Double Sided Outdoor Banners

posted by Precision | 18th Jul 2016

Double-Sided Outdoor Banners are printed on both sides for maximum visibility giving you double the exposure for your money.

Double sided banners are typically used outdoors to advertise your promotions while achieving maximum impact on outdoor marketing. Creating a dual Banner attracts attention from all directions allowing you to repeat your message or have two different deals going on at the same time

Banners are Ideal to use at exhibitions or anywhere with a guaranteed footfall, our double sided banners attract attention from both sides of passers-by. Those coming and going will see the banner day after day so a good tip is to move the banner after a few weeks to a different location.

Put your website and social media sites on the banner. Another idea is to Mobilise your banner to allow customers to make immediate purchases. If you are using the Banner for a show ask the host if they allow banners to be placed by the entrance of the location, either outside or inside the building. Additional fee may apply, but remember you will gain maximum exposure.

Hang the banner near high-traffic junctions, however check with your local authorities to see what the legal requirements are. If the banner is in a shopping centre or in an outdoor public space, you will need to obtain permission as again fees may be applicable.

If you’re sponsoring a charitable event, display your banners at the function. If possible, coordinate the type of fundraiser with the services your business provides. Sporting events, art fairs, festivals and schools are all additional locations to display your banner.

WTTB Double Sided Banners are printed on high quality 550 PVC Blocked banner material, which can be used indoors or outdoors. Our PVC banners are heavyweight and come with great colour attributes and will get you noticed. All PVC banners come with welded hems with silver nickel eyelets as standard.

What Makes a Good Banner?
1. The ad needs to connect with the reader right from the headline
2. It needs to be memorable.
3. It needs to provide quick, clear information from the off.
4. It doesn’t confuse the viewer or its purpose
5. It needs to be situated in the best possible location.