If at first you don’t succeed – Test your marketing proposition

posted by Precision | 10th Nov 2014

Alexander Graham Bell failed 257 times before he found the right frequency to talk to man. Marketing can also be hit and miss yet, despite the resources, many people choose not to test their marketing proposition before launching a campaign.



What makes a successful Direct Mail campaign? A cool product, a great story and dazzling marketing will be undone by a poor database; a defined audience, targeted marketing and an interesting proposition will fall short if the marketing lacks impact and fails to cut through. The fact is, all of these components need to work together to make a successful campaign and deliver a return on the investment.

Creating a successful DM campaign has never been easier, yet many people still choose to fly close to the wind, run the clock down and send the campaign out at the 11th hour with a wet index finger poking up in the wind hoping for a response. The thought of testing a campaign would only add time and cost to an already overdue, over-budget campaign.

Test and test, then test again. Isn’t that what your science teacher taught you? To produce and mail a handful of printed DM will tell you how it travels through the post. Did it arrive in one piece, did it scuff, did it jam up the mailing line at the local PO, did it fit through the letterbox, did it cost as much as you had budgeted to mail…etc. If you test a campaign on a smaller audience first, you’ll discover the strength of the campaign. Did they like it, did they respond and, if so, how many people are likely to respond? Will you need hire a team to manage the response? It sounds so simple, yet so many people ignore the basic principles of strength testing a campaign.

When you digitally print Direct Mail you can start with just a single copy. New formats and digital finishes mean it can now be larger than an A2 poster and fully personalised with Lustre textures, embossing, UV varnishing and metallics…. all beautifully printed. It’s fast, yet affordable which means you can test, tweak, hone and polish until you have created the perfect DM masterpiece. But don’t forget the data. Skewed data will make the greatest proposition fail.

Within our deck of digital charms is the First Stepper. It’s a hidden gem. Talk to us about campaign testing, digital printing and Lustre.