ISO 27001: Have you ever been locked in?

posted by Precision | 16th Oct 2014

Having worked late one evening and with a long drive home ahead, I nipped into the loo before I left the offices at Precision. I’m a man of a certain age and motorway services have nothing to do with fuel or food anymore.


When I came out I found myself locked in the reception area. When I looked at the sophisticated new lock on the door, I remembered being given a fancy new key fob earlier in the day, but was too busy to read the attached correspondence. As a Director I was probably too arrogant to think enhanced security would apply to me anyway. How wrong was I?

I eventually found the fob in my case and when I read the correspondence I realised I was in a restricted area. Someone kindly recognised me and let me out before I eventually made my way outside through several more locks to the car park. It wasn’t quite up there with Mandela walking free after 26 years, but I was relieved to be beyond the security within. It was only then I realised I was now locked in the car park and needed the new access codes for the security gates.

So the new security at Precision is both idiot proof and Director proof. I’ll let you be the judge. And why do we have it? Precision may be renowned for innovative and exciting commercial work, but we’re also ISO27001 accredited and security printers for government and financial services. American Express regularly audit our premises to ensure their vast amount of secure data and print is handled correctly and not going to end up on a laptop on a train.

This is why Directors get locked in car parks. American Express? That will do nicely!

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