Are you a Commercial or Creative Thinker?

posted by Precision | 5th Nov 2014

When we designed our new website we had you in mind. Whether you are a right-brained creative or a logical leftie we wanted to make sure there was something for you.

We recognised lefties and righties think very differently and have different needs that we can meet. Lefties are logical thinkers and detail oriented while righties seem to live in a world without boundaries full of chaos and creative. There’s a bit of both in all of us, but deep down we want to be creative don’t we? The truth is, most of us are logically minded and the world is a safer place because of it, so don’t be disappointed.

For our logical lefties we focused on the precise nature of Precision Printing, the award winning business with streamlined solutions and the cutting edge technology that delivers speed, efficiency and positive Return on Investment. We believed our creative righties would be much more interested in the increased possibilities and outcomes at Precision, the wider digital formats, the intensity of 7 colour printing and the extrasensory textures and special effects you can lay onto a single printed page.

Still want to know if you’re a leftie or a rightie? Just watch the ballerina and see which way she is spinning. If it’s clockwise, you’re an anarchist creative rightie; anti-clockwise and you’ll be checking the lights and oven are switched off every time you leave the house.