Making sense of our senses

posted by Precision | 5th Nov 2014

Print has always appealed to the senses and, over the years, I have lost count of the amount of times a customer has analysed, touched and inhaled a freshly printed brochure in front of me. Digital media has many outstanding qualities, but it will never connect with the senses like a piece of print.


Appealing to the senses is a science that marketers need to better understand. For example, Lustre printing has taken tactile print production to a whole new level with 60% of people choosing to touch it. The textures and 3D effects are simply enchanting and create endless possibilities for creatives and marketers chasing the Holy Grail of deeper engagement.

The science is pretty straightforward with 28% of the brain involved in tactile processing. Touch is by far the most necessary of the five senses. It develops first in the embryo and it never turns off. The power of touch is therefore a key contributor to marketing engagement.

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