Masters of Design – An Interview Series

posted by Precision | 20th Oct 2016

In September 2013, academics at the University of Oxford published a report on The Future of Employment which detailed the likelihood of robots taking over different professions.

Out of 700 professions surveyed, the top 20 most probable candidates included telemarketers (1st), watch repairers (6th) and referees and umpires (18th). Visual communicators were at the bottom of the scale, with art directors ranked 95th, and graphic designers ranked 161st least likely to be automated by Artificial Intelligence.

What makes design and creativity stand out from other professions in this way? And do we think these professions can ever be replicated by A.I.?mod-header

Our Masters of Design interview series explores the field of design from the perspective of five design professionals. The interviews gain their unique insight into their profession, including what inspires them and fuels their work, to explore why the inventiveness and creativity of humans may never be replicated.

A dandypunkadandypunk

“Whilst I respect others’ creative visions, I know that the best outcome will be if I’m left alone to do what I want.”

A dandypunk has many strings to his bow in terms of the creative world. He is an alumnus from Sundance’s New Frontier Story Lab 2014, and works with the Cirque du Soleil as a designer and creator. He has also had an artist residency at Walt Disney Imagineering. Read his interview.

Timba Smits

“A creative career is something to be loved and passionately held sacred to those lucky enough to be, well, creative!”

Award-winning designer, artist and illustrator Timba Smits has been working in design for 15 years. Based in East London, he’s the Creative Director of movie and review magazine Little White Lies, and independent cultural magazine Huck. He has worked with a number of household names, including The New York Times, The Guardian, Dunlop and Ride Snowboards. Read his interview.

Ryan McElderry

“Standing still can mean moving backwards in the design industry, so try not to get complacent.”

Ryan McElderry works as a Senior Graphic Designer at online marketing agency Mediaworks. He has worked on accounts such as House of Fraser, Stagecoach, MaxiNutrition and intu MetroCentre, and on content marketing, infographics, website design, and app design and prototyping projects. Read his interview.

Radim Malinic

“What sums up good design is creating a connection, between the design and the person who needs to use the product.”

Radim Malinic is an award-winning art director and graphic designer based in London, and head of design company Brand Nu. He works as a commercial illustrator and designer specialising in branding, web design and video. His clients include Arts Council England and BBC. He has recently published Book of Ideas, a journal of creative direction and graphic design. Read his interview.

Mike Kus

“Creativity will be the last thing computers steal from us.”

Mike Kus specialises in photography, illustration, website and graphic design, and branding. He’s worked on photography projects for brands such as Burberry and O2, and design projects such as the Twitter Developer Conference and Berocca. He regularly speaks at design and technology conferences. Read his interview.