New technology, new possibilities

posted by Precision | 12th Nov 2014

When you walk around Precision today, it’s hard to imagine how things looked only eight years ago. We were a long established, successful printing company then, with litho presses producing high quality commercial print, but no digital printing and no hint of the future.

Things are very different today. The new building is alive with the sound of digital printing and the vast digital department pays homage to HP and the excellence behind the brand. The relationship between Precision and HP has gone from strength to strength, so much so that Gary Peeling, MD at Precision, will shortly be Chairman of Dscoop, HP’s global digital forum.

The relationship has propelled Precision to the very edge of the curve.


Over the past 18 months, the company has beta tested and successfully introduced the Indigo HP10000 and B2 digital printing technology to the UK. It will take time for the world to catch up and for Creatives to consider the endless possibilities the B2 digital format brings, but for the moment we’re busy driving new efficiencies into existing formats. The A4 pocketed folder, A4 6pp and A4 landscape brochure can now be personalised and produced in very low quantities in glorious HP colour.

However, as Direct Mail specialists we see that as the tip of iceberg. We already have a range of new formats, optimised for the larger sheet size, and unusual DM products that will drive deeper engagement and greater Return on Investment.