A No-Nonsense Guide To Laser Cutting

posted by Precision | 27th Sep 2016

To achieve the best results from our Laser Cutting service read our no-nonsense guide and you’ll be creating laser cutting files like a pro in no time!

1. Software
We recommend files are created with Adobe Illustrator or ®Adobe InDesign®. However, it doesn‘t matter which artworking program you create files in, as long as it can export a vector (.ai) file.

2. Document Assembly
Due to the complexity of laser cutting we recommend creating a separate layer for each cutting process, e.g. cut, crease etc to avoid confusion when creating paths.

3. Laser Presets
Use different spot colours and names to differentiate between the lasers processing functions:

Cut, 100% Magenta
Crease, 100% Yellow
Perforate, 100% Cyan
Engrave, 100% Black

4. Linework
Use continuous lines with a stroke thickness of 0.25pt. You do not need to manually set up perforation gaps, we do this automatically. To avoid break away on complex filigree cuts leave a gap of 1.5 – 2mm between cutting lines.

5. Export Files
Ensure export function includes all spot colours without colour management (turn off ICC-Profiles), do not convert to CMYK!

Not sure what Laser Cutting is? Take a look at the video below and learn all about our full range of Laser Cutting services over on our Motioncutter page.