Gary Peeling

The power of the “Original” sells like…

posted by Gary Peeling | 9th Feb 2015

There is something primal about owning an original, something unique that only occurs once, just like you.

Millions of original designs from just a couple of originals… Would you “Adam and Eve” it?

It worked for Diet Coke in Israel late last year, over 2 million unique bottles created automatically into a design family from just 23 original designs.

The campaign pushed the needle for Coca Cola…

  1. + 2.1% increase in sales
  2. + 3% in brand preference
  3. + 2% increase in purchase intent

It worked for the customers too with soon after the campaign’s launch, the company reported, the printed bottles were being advertised on eBay for as much as $200 for a collection and $15 a single bottle!

Having worked in software and technology for a number of years now whenever I hear the word algorithm my ears prick up because something interesting or expensive is about to happen. Interestingly predicating workflow patterns or optimising production output is clearly useful but perhaps not extraordinary.

Its really when technology and human creativity combine that the magic begins, a new tool to amplify and enable the creativity and delivery it a new and powerful way.

Heres how it works new software from HP Mosaic does the lifting and creatives do the designing 23 base originals provide the design DNA.Then the software works its magic like this:2e6e2f9