PRECISION – Nifty at Fifty!

posted by Precision | 19th Dec 2016

The last fifty years have been about helping you do amazing things…

Our customers whose words and ideas which we have projected are delivered with a beautiful permanence and an enduring ability to drive action.

Together we have delivered millions of critical communications from introductions, launches, sales, people trained, informed, inspired, surprised, delighted, updated, explained, we have told stories, celebrated, demonstrated, protested, commemorated and celebrated.

When clarity mattered the most this wonderful medium has delivered, from the simple exchange of a business card to launching products and companies that have changed the world, we have been there to help every step of the way for the last half century.

From movable type to the cloud every emerging technology has brought a new opportunity to make print simpler to use and while technology changes the outcomes remain robust and wonderful.

Today we do fit into a broader media landscape, with congested channels it’s prints ability to cut through that is being lauded once again. So today we help combat falling email open rates and soaring pay per click costs by delivering your words and ideas to the hand, desk or doormat.

That’s why we say #DigitalLovesPrint

So looking forward: the opportunities are bright with the introduction of automation, robotics, lasers and LED-UV. These technologies enable us to deliver more beautifully engaging print, simpler than ever before. Mass customised, short run, long run and enhanced print are now available in hours rather than days, automated, integrated and on-demand.

MotionCutter, #TheColourRush and our all new purpose built factory will make the start to the next half century bright and vibrant. That’s why we think we are Nifty at Fifty and look forward to helping you continue to surprise and delight!