Gary Peeling

Precision support Youth Employment

posted by Gary Peeling | 26th Mar 2015


We are delighted to announce that Precision Printing has just signed up to support Youth Employment UK CIC.

We know that in order to really reduce youth unemployment there needs to be more opportunities for young people to develop knowledge of the world of work, gain work experience and opportunities for work in the print industry..

We believe YEUK approach to youth unemployment is unique and sustainable and one that will have the biggest impact on the growing crisis. The campaign is supported by an advisory board of members who have extensive knowledge and experience within youth employment

Their mission:

  1. To support the growing numbers of young people (Age 16-24) not in employment, education or training (NEET)
  2. Bring together organisations working to support NEET young people, in order to share ideas, information and best practice; to encourage collaboration.
  3. Encourage organisations to become members of Youth Employment UK CIC and sign up to the Positive Youth Charter
  4. To support employers to reduce barriers which currently prevent young people from gaining employment
  5. To support schools to cultivate well equipped employees of the future
  6. To improve links between business and education
  7. To support young people with quality information and sign posting of the services and opportunities available to them
  8. To listen to young people’s voices
  9. To lobby as one central voice on matters regarding youth employment to government

Youth Employment can’t do this on their own so spread the word, if you believe in the work of Youth Employment UK CIC, join their Twitter feed, LinkedIn group and Facebook page and get involved in the discussions and promote Youth Employment UK to your network.

“Show your support”  by displaying the badge.
Find out more about Youth Employment UK CIC: