Gary Peeling

Retrospective: 10 triumphant years at Thames Road!

posted by Gary Peeling | 1st May 2015

In May 2005 we brought our business to 47 Thames Road. A much smaller group brought a determination and a vision to a sad little patch of East London.

Moving our £5.5 million business that had been flat lining for 3 or 4 years in our Central Street location we all took the opportunity to begin again.

Then 47 was half the size it is now, and a lot less salubrious on the bright side parking was not an issue, with a space that later became half of the building today. A vision for a brighter, smarter kind of printing business took shape with new beautiful offices for us and our clients and new 6 and 4 colour machines to drive our new business.

We created perhaps one of the cleanest and smartest print businesses in the country that gave confidence to customers and inspiration to all of us. We worked, built, battled, re-engineered, sold, presented, laughed and cried towards a brighter future.

I remember clearly sitting exactly at the desk from which I write to you now, on the day we moved in, my desk was clear, the office sparkly and the phone did not ring, I didn’t have a single thing to do that did not last long because growth and opportunity was soon knocking.

We embarked on digital printing the very same year a key step which has resulted in us being an international case study on how to build a print business.

We employed someone during the period, who said “Why have I never heard of you?”, that got taken care of on a global scale in the years that followed. We won awards, editorial inches and even headlined at the largest print show in the world at Drupa in 2012.

So we now trade globally, we sell stuff for our corporate clients and help build their markets and business and we delight millions of people across Europe with their precious photos at Christmas and birthday greetings.

We dealt with challenges, made many mistakes, but we are tenacious and never lost sight of the vision, despite the decline in print usage and the largest global downturn that began in 2007 we innovated our way through.

Our technology is set to become a global software cloud business and could perhaps change the way the world uses print forever.

In 2014 we became a group with Precision North new, products, regions and e-commerce opening up.

In 2015 alone we have invested over £2m in new space, bindery and wide format equipment and there is more to come.
I am delighted to announce in June this year our second Indigo 10000 will arrive here at Thames Road, sorry old girl surgery again.

In 2015 the group turnover is forecast to reach £19 million which is a tremendous achievement considering the market decline and economic recovery.

I would like to thank you all for your contribution and wish the old girl number “47” a very happy birthday and many happy returns.

We are ready for the next decade, we are set once again to innovate and work towards similar success in the next ten years.

• We have new products
• We have new contracts
• We have new level five graduates that know about stuff like “critical thinking”
• We have a new region
• We have new expertise
• We have new online e-commerce businesses
• We have a new image
• We have a plan

Most importantly we have all of you, and #TogetherWeCan ensure that #DigitalLovesPrint