Seven Reasons to say “Yes” to a print job request

posted by Precision | 22nd Aug 2016

At Precision Printing, when it comes to providing printing services, we adopt a ‘The answer is yes – but what’s the question?’ attitude to client requests. No matter how unique an enquiry is, we will do our best to service it.

That is exactly how we recommend you deal with any print job request – even if it is something you don’t currently do. Even if you can’t fulfil an order, say ‘yes’ and then work out how.

Here are our seven reasons why you should say “yes” to a print job.20576-NSP9T8-01

1. You will keep your client happy
Telling your client you can’t produce a job may force them to shop around, which could lead to them looking for a supplier that can give them what they need. You don’t want to be in a position where you receive less work from the client before they decide to move all of their work to the new supplier!

2. You will be able to hold the title ‘full service provider’
Shopping around may save a company a few pennies, but mostly businesses are looking for a quick, all-in-one, hassle-free service – with a view that time spent shopping around and maintaining relationships will cost more than the monetary savings made. Companies expect to be able to have all of their printing requests served by one provider, so by turning down a print job request, you aren’t providing the best service possible.

3. You’ll be able to build better relationships with your clients
By agreeing to provide your client with print services when they request them, you can go from being a digital service provider to influencing the whole marketing arm of their organisation. You can suggest ideas that you think will benefit your client and help them to achieve their marketing goals and sales targets by communicating to their customers in new and innovative ways. Remember, you’re the expert, and they will benefit from your valuable opinion.

4. Your company will benefit
Aside from the fact that your client will be more successful as a result of your help, your business will also benefit in turn. Providing print services when they’re requested will help you create longer-term, profitable relationships with your clients. It also means that you don’t have to look for new business to make sales, and can instead get more from existing companies who are already engaged with you.

5. You don’t get the chance to be creative
Whether it’s the client who wants to get creative, or you suggest a more creative output, you have the opportunity to think outside the box and take a new approach. This is more fun for your team, as they can think of new and exciting print products to suggest, and can help your clients to stand out (and above) their competitors.

6. You don’t want to appear unhelpful
It sounds like a basic reason, but it’s a key and fundamental one. Customers don’t want problems, they want solutions, and failing to provide one is – above all – poor customer service! If your customers feel that they can’t ask you for a quote for something unusual, they’ll stop asking you for help with anything out of the ordinary.

7. You could be pigeonholed
If, historically, you have only provided one type of service to a client, they may only come to you for a particular type of job. And what happens if they find someone more competitively-priced than you to service that job? You either lose your client, or have to lower your prices; reducing your profit margin. You will also be ignored when the opportunity for more profitable jobs comes along.

Achieve this by teaming up it with a great print service provider
Manage these requests by teaming up with a creative print service partner. They can provide everything your client needs, and take the pressure off you. With the right provider you can get instant online pricing, inspirational ideas, and a fast, efficient service. Plus, with white label delivery being offered by some providers, your customers won’t know that the job left your office!

Here at Precision Printing, we feel like we can provide you with top-notch creative print services. Browse our website, or contact us for more information.