The Power of Print – the bookbook™

posted by Precision | 5th Nov 2014

Much is being written about the renaissance of print at the moment and its place in a digitally saturated world, but nothing captures the moment more than the latest Ikea video. With over 12 million hits on YouTube already, the Swedish furniture giant playfully pokes fun at Apple and reminds us that nothing can replace the power of the bookbook.

Tactile touch technology, a reliable interface, easy scrolling, no loading, instant book marking, sharing qualities and voice activated protection are all listed amongst the benefits of the bookbook. Beyond the humour, Ikea delivers a clear reminder of the enduring power of print. Ikea, Argos and Boden are great examples of highly successful companies that have continued to use print at the centre of their marketing. Why? Because in a noisy digital world, it cuts through.