Gary Peeling

Wired goes low tech to increase sales

posted by Gary Peeling | 5th Nov 2014

Sometimes the most simple of things can make an unexpected powerful connection.

As I browsed in WHSmith I noticed that this month’s cover had a rubber band attachment; assuming some cunning plan by a young planner somewhere to get me to turn to their ad, I could not resist.

In fact the band was used to attach the watch supplement to the host magazine; now I have been in the print industry for over 25 years and been buying magazines for longer and don’t recall seeing this method before.

I can imagine my customers’ reaction if I suggested it.

But here’s the thing; I bought Wired today because of the simple elegance of that rubber band. In fact I predict Wired will sell more copies this month than in last.

Someone will say it was the draw of the watch supplement but it was in fact the humble rubber-band; sometimes low tech beats its noisy neighbour.

Simple actions achieve big results