Women In Print: You can never say you know everything about print…

posted by Precision | 3rd Sep 2015

wip-zoe-mainPhoto: Zoe Fryer –¬†Commercial

I started at Precision back in 2010 where I started out as a receptionist with no knowledge of any print or finance know how. I learnt how to speak to potential clients and learn a bit about the presses. People always told me that the print industry was male dominated and I could see this and wanted to see if I could achieve a successful career in print. 

3 months of starting, I was brought over to the commercial department as an assistant. The next year was hard, I had a series of tests created by my commercial director who tested me on different sheet sizes, different types of paper, paginations and a lot of maths. This I must admit took a lot of time on his behalf and a lot of will power to learn and to take in everything I was being taught. The commercial department supported me every day until I finally achieved it.

Another year on and I finally have my feet firmly under the desk and have my stamp on my area of paper resourcing knowing which can run without treatment if going through our HP Indigo 10000 or if there is a paper complaint, my colleagues come to me for advice and to deal with the problem. 

Photo: Precision’s BPIF Level 5 Graduates

Now on my fifth year into Precision, I’m now being trained to do estimating to ease some pressure off my department. This combines the 4 years of paper knowledge, print and finishing requirements. I even managed to pass a 2 year course for a Level 5 Graduate Management Programme and now have a diploma.

It’s a never ending process of learning and understanding, you can never say you know everything about print because if you do, something will pop up that you will not and that’s when the process of learning starts again.