Women In Print: I’ll only ever look back to see how far I’ve come…

posted by Precision | 3rd Sep 2015

wip-el-mainPhoto: Ellie Warner – Client Services Manager

After leaving college in 2011 having studied hairdressing for 2 years, I realised that this was not the career for me and being surrounded by gossiping feisty girls was not really my bag. I had left college even more confused than when I started. After months of no response from searching and applying for office and admin roles, I decided to work voluntary to gain some experience.

Shortly after deciding to work voluntary, I found myself sitting behind the reception desk at Precision Printing providing holiday cover for one of the girls. It was while I was here that I met the lovely and inspiring Director, Margaret Howell who gave me her business card and told me to get in touch.

Margaret could not have been more helpful and invited me to come to her office in Regent Street where she had her team prep me for interviews as well as helping me with my CV. Within just a few months I took a phone call from Margaret explaining that there was a position opening up at Precision and that I would be welcome to come in for an interview.

Funnily enough, I had been offered employment elsewhere and my start date was the same day as my interview at Precision Printing. Obviously, the decision was tough because although I had a guaranteed position, having worked at Precision I knew that this was where I wanted to be.

So taking a risk, I decided to go ahead and attend the interview at Precision Printing. Anxiously awaiting a response, I finally received a very happy phone call from Margaret with fantastic news confirming my start date.

wip-el-01Photo: Precision’s BPIF Level 5 Graduates

On 4th October 2011 I became employed as Production Assistant. Although it felt quite daunting, everyone was very welcoming and willing to help. It wasn’t long before I moved into client services and after just a year of being an employee at Precision Printing, I was managing one the company’s top five accounts. In 2013 I enrolled in the BPIF Graduate Management Programme which was sponsored by precision. It was very challenging working full time and squeezing time in to study, but the option was always there for me to take a few hours and sit in one of the boardrooms during work hours. Finally after 2 years of hard work, the very proud moment came where I got to graduate. Four years on from when I started  I am now Client Services Manager.

I started with Precision Printing at the age of 20 with no experience and very little confidence, now at the age of 24 I have a Diploma in Leadership & Management. I’ll only ever look back to see how far I have come. My time here has been challenging, I have grown as a person and I have achieved so much which I only have Precision Printing to thank.