Women In Print: Women really do belong in Print…

posted by Precision | 4th Sep 2015

wip-don-mainPhoto: Donna Young – Operations Director

As a school leaver I never really knew what I wanted to do when I left school I don’t even think running my own business ever crossed my mind because at career fairs this was never discussed. After leaving school I tried various roles and settled mainly into call centre work, this is a growing sector in our area.

How did I end up running a print business, to tell you this I need to take you back to 2007 when my husband and I decided that there was a market for fast turnaround printing from these ideas we launched First2Print.

We started as a print management business and quickly grew into a full production facility. This is a male driven industry and as a woman starting a business at times I think people were shocked that I was a director in a production facility. We worked long days and pushed ahead at every opportunity investing in new technology. In 2011 we recognised that trade printers wanted a site where they could order products with a quick turnaround at affordable prices, from this Where The Trade Buys was launched and we haven’t look back. We continue to grow the site adding new products and assisting our trade customers in growing their companies.

wip-don-01Photo: Donna & Martyn Young at the 2014 Precision Christmas Party.

In November 2014 we were approached by Gary Peeling who invited us along to the Barking offices to discuss our business from there we quickly realised that a collaboration between the two companies was inevitable. Since November we have been running as Precision North and we have seen our production facility grown by 100% and our staff increase to 26.

I look back with pride at what I have achieved I continue to ensure that my staff grow into their roles and assist them in doing this with regular training sessions. We offer our staff the opportunity to further their education with higher education courses, we also cross train where we can to give all our staff the opportunity to develop and grow.

Who would of thought that the 15 year old girl who didn’t really enjoy school would build up a multi million pound business, supplying printing to some of the UK’s largest brand leaders.

What an achievement, Women really do belong in Print.