Enticer sized Direct Mail provides remarkable ROI

A leading online photo brand wanted to re-engage with their client base and offer an online discount voucher as a means of saying thank you for their business. As well as carrying a voucher code the engagement piece carried promotional material for the Christmas period.

They had been using emails as a means of communication but it wasn’t performing and the response rates were not where they needed to be and the informal approach did not deliver the outcome required. They wanted to produce print based engagement connecting a physical printed product with an online digital service. One that could also be fully personalised and carry a unique voucher code for redemptions online. By including the voucher code served as a call to action for the customer to visit the website with the voucher code providing conversion.

Precision printing explored a few options, one being an A5 8pp format but also by using Precision’s range of optimised print sizes through Precision Enticer we could use a print size that enabled increased output with full colour personalisation at a lower cost per unit to a conventional A5 8pp format enabling the client to double their audience for the same budget. This is made possible by using the unique paper sizes Precision has had manufactured which optimise the potential of digital colour personalised print.

By using a physical printed medium this campaign achieved almost a 5 fold return on investment of 493%.