SEC appeal to the senses with leather look book

Big is not always better…

A pocket guide to give parents all of the basic details they need to help make sure they choose the best option for their child’s further education.

The guide was produced as a pocket sized booklet to present information in a compact format that is available at quick reference. It is used to reinforce the positives about choosing South Essex College as well as answering some of the frequently asked questions that parents have when choosing the best options with their child once they have finished their GCSE’s. A tactile Lustre enhanced cover was chosen as it’s a clear difference to other colleges.

The guide was produced in A6 Format in booklet form to keep it compact and pocket size. The design of the pocket guide carries a leather effect cover mimicking the style of a traditional journal. In order to emphasise this design Precision’s Lustre Technology was added to create a 3D texture print effect, giving a tactile finish to the cover which leaves a lasting impression.