A Photo Book fit for the Queen

The power of print remains undimmed and it still has an incredible ability to cut through the digital noise and connect with customers.

Below is the first of many case studies showcasing interesting and unusual projects within Precision Printing.

A unique arts project by Photographer Richard Bradbury. Its collection of images produced during the year 2014 and stands as a pictorial record of the lives of London’s children for generations to come. Presented as a Photographic “Coffee table style” book in a limited run of just 500 copies. Copies 001, 002 and 003 are retained to go to Her Majesty the Queen, The Prime Minister and The Mayor of London.

A book format was chosen as an archival item serving as a record of the lives of London’s children for generations to come. A web based gallery would not have been a suitable solution. Presentation is key and the high quality impact is only achievable with the printed book format bringing the images to life. The Children of London project also serves as a fund raising tool whereby the selected applicants are asked to make a donation with all proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Hospital. This was only made possible by having a physical item that can be cherished for years to come.

Precision Printing were best positioned to produce the book given their technological capabilities. We were able to produce a book in the maximum size possible pushing the technical boundaries. The book was printed in 4 page sections using a HP Indigo 10,000 B2 Digital Press. This optimised image size by having the largest possible sheet size available. Conventional Litho methods would have proved too costly for such a short run. It was bound using a Smyth F2088 Hand Fed Book Sewing Machine which can handle such large format books up to 550mm.