HP gather finest digitally printed work from around the world

“Adventures in Print. This book contains the finest digitally printed creative work from around the world.”

When a book begins with these words, you know you’re printing something quite special. This flagship publication for Hewlett Packard did indeed contain some of the finest work produced on a digital press and we were honoured to be entrusted with this project from the world’s best loved digital printing company.

As if we need reminding, it was HP digital print technology that helped Coca-Cola bring life to an incredible campaign that eventually led the public to consume 800 million cans of Coca Cola, because their names were printed on the packaging in Coke’s famous typeface. How did Coca Cola bring this huge, ambitious idea to life? With HP Indigo digital presses.

In HP’s own words, “The biggest marketing journeys often start in the digital world, before conquering the physical one with designs printed using cutting-edge print technology. So the HP publication “Adventures in Print” needed to be something very special and we delivered. The end result was simply stunning”.

The publication was printed on the finest stocks using HP Indigo 7 colour digital press technology.  You immediately notice the depth of colour and the vibrancy across the printed page. Then you sit back and enjoy the construction and presentation of the book, the innovative lay-flat binding and the freedom it brings to read across each double page spread without compromise.

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