Zipcars drive customers with highly localised maps

For taxis, the adventure is over.

Zipcars are private cars, rented by the hour. They are a convenient, cost-effective way to get around town, especially for businesses that use lots of taxis. It’s a story worth telling, but how do you tell it.

Well, it’s simple really. You create highly personalised mailings, featuring not only the target company’s name, but their business address, their nearest Zipcars and exactly how much they cost. Then you show people how much they could save and you make the process of joining feel easy and natural. Straightforward, right?

Well, to bring the story to life for businesses, you need the right data, geomapped to make it exciting and relevant. You need to create individually unique mailings, telling everyone a different story—so, if your company is based in Shoreditch, you’ll see a different message to one that’s in Kensington.

Fortunately, at Precision, we can help you create thousands of personalised, unique, relevant executions and print them in glorious resolution.

Our variable data printing is the big name in this new era of print. We helped Zipcar create mailings that promoted a sound, personalised business case, driving companies to visit the site and sign up for a business account.

Thanks to variable printing, thousands of businesses are now whisking their staff and clients around town in Zipcars and urban transport has begun an exciting new chapter.