Direct Mail for HSS Hire offers customers local branch offer

When you’re a leading provider of tools and equipment hire with a network of branches throughout the UK and Ireland, your customer needs to know you’re nearby and on hand. Even better, just tell them where the nearest branch is and provide a map from their home to the store.

We worked with Founded and HSS Hire to deliver a high impact Direct Mail campaign across London. HSS offered customers a 50% discount on their first hire when they opened up an account at one of the 40 London branches. We had to make it easy for customers to identify and visit a local branch to take up the offer.

So from a customer database, we were able to print and send a personalised DM mailer detailing the promotion. Using the latest variable printing techniques, we were also able to highlight the customer’s nearest branch, include information and images relating to the store and provide a map pinpointing the customer’s address in proximity to the store location. We even calculated the mileage.

Talk to us about high impact DM and localised maps for improved response.