Brand Management

Stamping colour on your brand with brand management

If you’re looking to achieve a strong brand that’s consistent everywhere, try out Precision Printing’s brand management solution.

A strong brand identity says that you care about quality in everything you do, although it’s a serious challenge to achieve when different press technologies tend to deliver varied results for different materials. Fortunately, our Brand Integrity Guarantee gives you the answer.

We’re always happy to share your colour profiles with the people that count — your internal teams, other suppliers and overseas printers, to name but a few — to ensure consistency across your global print solution.

Make use of our brand management software:

  • Colour-consistent branded products.
  • ISO12647 accredited for colour management.
  • In-house production controlling colour consistency.
  • Colour guidelines for brand management.
  • Global partners with local print solutions.
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We’re strategic partners with Hewlett-Packard and have alliances with more than 1,400 suppliers worldwide allowing us to deliver outstanding global print solutions.

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