Image Recognition Software

Take the lead in mobile marketing through image recognition software

Everyone loves their mobile, so it should be little surprise that it’s about to become the most popular route to the web. With the image recognition software available here at Precision Printing, you can now capitalise on that 24/7 connection to keep your brand conversation flowing across print and web.

Our ultra-smart Mobiliser app uses camera technology to recognise printed collateral and take readers straight to a relevant, deeper web experience. Each journey is tailored to their profile, technology and current location. We’ll help you use Mobiliser across your current and future portfolio to engage customers more closely and maximise benefits..

Download Mobiliser:

mob_ios mob-gp

Specific benefits of the Mobiliser image recognition software app:

  • Merge the value of print and the increasingly essential mobile web.
  • Single swish and click to take readers from print to web.
  • Available on any collateral, from flyers to posters and even vehicle livery and uniforms.
  • Deliver personalised, relevant content in real time.
  • Enable local offers based on GPS location finding.
  • Collect individual customer insights to help tailor future marketing programmes.
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