Print Enhancement Services

Print enhancement captivates the senses

Precision Printing offers print enhancement services to make even the most creative ideas a reality. Dazzling effects with amazing print quality are no longer just the stuff of dreams.

With our Scodix technologies, you can bring the printed world to tactile, sensuous and beautiful life. Now you can let customers feel your creativity – literally.

Lustre uses Scodix digital printing technology and UV polymer to create texture, embossing, varnishing and metallic finishes, letting you bring your most brilliant ideas to life without breaking the budget.

This stunning printing process is proven to increase product engagement by 92%, with 60% of the audience actually choosing to touch it too.

Lustre is ideal for any materials where engagement is vital, such as personalised direct mail and brochure covers. And best of all, it’s suitable for both short- and long-run printing.

With our print enhancement services, you can:

  • Create eye-catching textures, varnishes, embossing and metallics at a fraction of the cost
  • Great engagement on flyers, brochures and boxes using paper or synthetic stocks
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Lustre trade options are also available. To find out more about what Precision Printing offers, contact us today.