Personalised Wallpaper

With Precision Printing’s sister company YourWalls, you can create a unique space by combining your own images with a range of textured papers to create completely personalised wallpaper. After all, your home is your castle, so you should colour your space with personalised wallpaper.

When you’re setting the tone of a room, your choice of wallpaper plays an important role. Whether it’s at home or in the office, the way you fill the blank spaces can help you get into the mood for relaxation, play or concentration.

Use YourWalls and you’ll be able to step into augmented reality to preview exactly what your room looks like once you have decided on your design too.

The benefits of choosing YourWalls for your personalised wallpaper include:

  • An innovative approach to interior design through personalised wallpaper
  • Deliver a truly unique experience for every room
  • Choose your images on your phone, through social media or from a library
  • Explore how your room will look with augmented reality – complete with doors, windows and furniture
  • Select from a range of unique printable materials, including magnetic Teslaflex
  • Easy online ordering and delivery to your door
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Bring back happy holiday memories, contemplate quietly in a field of daffodils, or enjoy the company of life-size heroes and icons by ordering your custom wallpaper online today from the YourWalls website.